we're exclusive post-warranty service

Our guarantees

a) Free of charge diagnosis:

We guarantee free of charge diagnosis. When you decline our price offer you will not pay anything.

b) Functionality and no fix – no fee guarantee:

Every repair and spare part is covered by warranty in length min. 3 months, for spare parts 6 – 24 month. In case we not succeed with repair you will not pay any our expenses. No fix – no fee.

c) Quality guarantee:

All parts are covered with 6 to 24 months guarantee. We usually exchange wrong part for new one.

d) LCD quality:

We buy only A grade quality LCD screens. In case, you will find dead pixel or cosmetic errors we will exchange your screen for new one.

e) Original part guarantee:

We always buy original parts. Especially in case of power supplies is this very important.

g) Never used BGA:

In service we use only new BGA, we try to find out new revisions of chips on the market. We guarantee not only 100% functionality but even more longer life if new revision of chip is used.

Chips are changed for new ones, we do not offer unreliable types of repairs such as “reflow” or “reballing”.

h) Guarantee of protection your device and completeness

Your device is protected by special foil and all time is stored and handled with it.