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About us

NBSERVIS is one of the most respected laptop (notebook), tablet and GSM repair providers available in the Czech republic.

We also specialized for refurbishment IT from e-shops, RMA, certified in-warranty, out our warrant service and on site service.


We also offer repairs of all Apple products, such as iPhone, MacBook, iPAD, ect.

A broken laptop may be more seriousa threat to your livehood than not bringing your Power Point slides to an important presentation or not turning in that history term paper. You can loose data, documents, contacts, time and money.

Here at NBSERVIS, we offer a full gamut of repair and upgrade services for your laptop or notebook. Our technical team consist of certified technicians with over 10 years experience with offering free diagnoses, estimates and a “no fix no fee” philosophy. This means you will only pay for time when the problem is being resolved. Time is money. Don’t waste your time calling every shop in town for prices and suggestions. NBSERVIS offers better than competitive prices and many repairs are completed in only 1 day.

Laptops, like most technology, can be confusing to try to fix on your own. Without proper training, you can make your problems worse. We repair any problem on any laptop.

Contact NBSERVIS to save yourself worry, time and money. Data recovery and backup is an important part of any laptop repair issue; NBSERVIS does that too. Don’t loose your edge in today’s fast-paced world; get your laptop repaired properly the first time and on time.